Angleški verzi

It begans with a simple look,
but then you're on a hook.
You look in to his eyes,
there are no more wrongs, only writes.
You start like friends,
and then he takes you out to danc.
You start seeing eachother,
than you can't forget one another.
You like it very much,
you're asking for a tuch.
He makes you're dream come true,
but wait theres more to do.

But nothing lasts 4ever,
somevhere everything comes to an end,
and whit all the tears its hard to find some land.
You see him whit youre best friend makind out,
so you scream loud,
you eavil heart breaker and you friend feacker,
you let me down,
so hear me out,
you're very mean,
just like an eavil qeene.
I will 4-get you soon,
and when i look into the moon,
I knoow,its teh end of this bend.

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